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*UPDATED* Change to Librarian Civil Service Examinations

UPDATE – 1/12/17 – The following additional information has been added to the original post, which remains below:

1.    Where will applicants find automated system (ATAP?)? Candidates must first complete an examination application and return it to the local civil service agency for which they are applying.  Approved exam candidates will be sent a notice containing directions to a website address needed to complete the ATAP Training and Experience Questionnaire.  It is from the rating of this questionnaire that candidates will receive their final score and eligibility ranking. 

2.    Same exam state-wide? Yes, the exams are the same state-wide for the Librarian and Librarian Director titles.

3.    Will the examination subjects be same as what has been used by Erie County? The subjects of the exams are the same as in the past; the exams are based on an evaluation of candidates’ training and experience. 

4.    Will scoring/criteria be same as what has been used by Erie County? The rating scales for the Training and Experience examinations for Librarian I, Librarian II and Library Director I examinations have been updated so the scoring will not be precisely the same.  Typically, the local civil service agencies set minimum qualifications, residency requirements, salary etc.

Follow-up to #3 and #4:  

The ATAP (Accelerated Test Administrative Program) is not as specific in terms of coursework pertaining to specific subjects like “special population reader services studies” or “electronic data processing studies,” but instead covers the following:

·         Minimum Qualifications- Candidates enter their training and experience that qualifying them for the minimum qualifications of the positon.

·         Formal Graduate Degree- Candidates enter the information their Master’s Degree in Library Science (MLS) or equivalent graduate-level degree from a school accredited by the American Library Association (ALA) or recognized by the New York State Education Department.

·         Professional Development: Continuing Education and Training [multiple entries]—candidates enter the continuing education or training in library-related programs.

·         Leadership Position in a Professional Library Organization [multiple entries]-candidates enter any leadership position(s) held in professional library organization.  Examples of leadership positions would be officer, conference organizer, project director, program manager, etc. Leadership experience includes developing special programs for literacy training, outreach to underserved members of the population, developing programs to enhance library services, etc.
Professional Library Work Experience (Post-Master’s degree) [multiple entries]—In this section, candidates enter Professional library experience is defined as work of a professional nature performed in a library setting after completion of the MLS degree. Acceptable titles include Children’s Librarian, Library Media Specialist, Medical Librarian, Cataloger or any professional-level position held in a school, academic, public, association, or special library. Paraprofessional, clerical, or technical experience will

5.    How often will exams be held? Frequency of exams is a determination made by the local civil service agency based on their agency’s need to fill vacancies under their jurisdiction.

6.    Will someone who took the continuous exam in November 2016 be eligible to apply for a July 2017 exam, if application deadline is less than 6 months after last exam? In this case, the answer would be ‘yes’ because the exam rating scale is different and, as such, the exams are not technically the same so candidates could take it without waiting six months since their last exam. 

7.    If exam is held in July 2017, exam announcement posted in say April, will individuals anticipated MLS degree in May 2017 be eligible to apply? This situation is called “anticipated eligibility” and is under the authority of the local civil service agency to determine. (Erie County has said YES they will allow)

8.    An individual who took the exam in September 2016, currently on list, will remain on list until when?  September 2016) or until new list is created from post-January 2017 exam?  By law, an eligible list must remain in effect for at least one year, so if a list is established in September 2016, it would remain active until at least September 2017.  If a new eligible list is generated from a new exam for the same title while a list for the same title is less than a year old, the agency must first certify names from the older list first.  Specific questions about eligible lists should be directed to the local civil service agency. 

Original Post:

Information is currently being disseminated to B&ECPL Librarians about changes to the Librarian I and Librarian II/Library Director I examinations. As of now we know the following, courtesy of Jeannine Doyle:

“Effective January 1, 2017, there will be new rating scales for the Librarian I, II and Library Director I exams.  Also, the exams will be electronically administered through the state system, eliminating the current paper/pencil and rating by Erie County system.  The exams will also no longer be held on a continuous basis.

…this will affect current PT Librarians, and FT Librarian I’s eligible for promotion.

The first exam will be held in July 2017. Because this means that the announcement will go out in April from Erie County, [the County has been asked] to include language in the announcement that candidates for graduation who will have MLS by date of exam will be eligible to apply. That way we don’t miss out on a whole new crop of individuals from being on the list until following year.

Current lists will remain, and those who have submitted applications before January 1, 2017 will be scored and added to list by Erie County.

[It is hoped that] this will eliminate some of the issues we have experienced, such as: people falling off list,  inconsistency in rating of exams, etc… “

As we find our more about these changes we will post additional information.



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