The Librarians Association will reimburse any member the full cost of EARLY-BIRD registration to either the NYLA or ALA Conferences once per year. To receive this reimbursement, please interoffice mail your receipt of payment AND your conference name badge to Jay Barone at GNZ. Just to clarify, you will have to pay for the conference up front and wait until after the conference to receive a reimbursement check. Also, any other travel costs associated with either of these conferences must be requested from Human Resources and will not be reimbursed by the Librarians’ Association.

In addition to registration reimbursement for the above mentioned conferences, the Librarians’ Association will also reimburse up to $200 per calendar year for any other costs associated with continuing education for library related training. This includes the registration cost for a workshop/course/conference, as well as travel expenses (mileage at current rate), lodging and dining. Please be sure to submit any receipts in order to receive reimbursement. You may use this opportunity for more than one continuing education purpose, but reimbursement will not exceed $200 per year.

Please email Jay at powerman5500@gmail.com if you have any questions.




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